Why Riot Room?

Why not Riot Room? Riot Room is the ONLY rage room experience that provides premium Tools of Mass Destruction and Premium Personal Protective Equipment. We pride ourselves on being one of the only fully mobile rage rooms; meaning, you can find the riot at public events or we can bring the riot to you. Even more exciting, Riot Room lets you Riot with a friend at no additional charge! Finally, Riot Room provides all of this at an unbeatable price!

Is there an age limit?

Yes, all Rioters must be 14 years or taller to participate.

Is it safe?

Riot Room takes every precaution to make certain that every riot session is enjoyed with minimal risk of harm.

How long do I have to Riot?

Most Riots take about 10 minutes

Can I be under the influence & riot?

Rioting IS the drug. Don't come drunk or high.

Will there be music provided?

Absolutely. You choose the tunes, we give the BOOMS.

Can I riot if I am pregnant?

No baby-BOOMers allowed!

Does Riot Room have a set location?

Riot Room is a fully mobile Rage Room, No time to stand still. You can find where we will be by checking out our Calendar of events page or following us on Facebook.

What kind of events can I rent Riot Room for?

From sleepovers to tailgating parties, we can rock with any crowd.

How much does a Riot cost?

Less than a Molotov. Please view our pricing pages.

Can you design a custom Riot?

Is a frog's butt water-tight?

What are your hours?

When you're ready to ROCK, we're ready to RIOT!

How many people can riot at a time?

You can bring a friend, just don't break 'em.

What should I wear?

Who wears sandals to a riot? Closed toed shows only.

Do I need to bring an I.D.?

You betcha.

Can I bring my own camera for photos?

Sure, but if you forget one we've got you covered, like back hair on a dad-bod.

How do I donate my junk to demolish?

It's easy! Give us a call and we'll swing by and grab your junk! Call us at (518) 301-9080.

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